Atomic Blonde


Atmoic Blonde is a film based on a graphic novel, The Coldest City. It stars Charlize Theron and is directed by David Leitch.

While this film may not be for everyone, the violence is brutal and the plot can be tricky to follow, it still is a clever and interesting ride. Mostly due to the work of Charlize Theron.

If you enjoyed her performance in Mad Max:Fury Road, consider this a more lipstic version of her kick-ass persona. It’s like watching Jason Bourne with a mix of Deborah Harry and Madonna.

The 80s setting provides a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The music chosen pulls from some of the best of the era. “Father Figure”, “Voices Carry”, “99 Red Luft Balloons”.

The director is a stunt man, and therefore, the stunts are incredible. Unrelenting and so tightly choreographed. How they do it is a mystery.

If you are looking for a Berlin wall, platinum hair, neon glow, action-spy thriller, this is the movie for you.

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Originals is a book by Adam Grant, and Organizational psychologist. First became aware of him through his TedTalk, “The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers”. His approach to the suject matter is compelling and relatable. And he has the research to back it all up.

The book really digs into the concepts brought up in the talk, exploring a variety of aspects in discovering “originals” and they way they move about the world.

Often surprising, certainly unique. Word a listen and a read.


My Life as a Zucchini


My Life as a Zucchini is a wonderful French stop-motion animated film (Ma Vie de Courgette) which was nominated for an Academy Award. This heartfelt gem contains complex characters which happen to be made out of clay. Due to steady direction, solid writing, and deep compassion, it’s a special film.  It centers around the story of a boy, Icare, who is suddenly orphaned from his mother who nicknamed him “Zucchini”.

At the foster home he discovers a unique set of kids where he will be living. It there he learns that home is sometimes where you choose.

There are both French (with English subtitles) version, as well as an English version.

Be sure to check this one out.



Affiche CourgetteOK.indd


Big Magic


Big Magic is a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, of which she is most known. This effort is specifically written to she shares her approach to creative living.

It’s quite accessible for most anyone who wishes to live more creatively. She explains it is not a self help book, but rather one she wrote for herself. If we happen to get something from it, that’s bonus.

It’s about the work; the continued steady work. Connecting with passions and interests, and pursuing them actively and courageously.

Chapters include: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity.

If you have any desire to live a more creative life, consider checking it out.



Modern Romance


Modern Romance, a book by Aziz Ansari, is a surprising look at love in the modern age of technology. At first glance I thought it was going to be a book about love from the perspective of a comedian. Instead, Ansari uses his humor and works with researchers on real data, relevant to the topic at hand.

Much more interesting, and funny, than originally expected. At times shocking, absurd, insightful, but also rings true.



I Don’t Wanna Live For


Have been listening to this song on repeat for about a week now. A collaboration between Taylor Swift and Zayn, made for the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker film.

At first the song doesn’t hit you, but then on second and third listen it really starts to have impact. Already Number 1 in 80 countries. Enjoy.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is written by Marie Kondo and it a wonder.

Marie has spent her life tackling the issues of attaining an organized and tidy existence. She has tried every type of trick and method to keeping homes and life tidy. In this book she imparts all of her knowledge on what to do and what not to do from her first hand experiences.

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart”

We took her advice and applied it to our Tupperware drawer, which was a nightmare. We put all the items on the ground and only selected the ones we wanted to keep. Once we had selected what we wanted, we had about 40 items we didn’t need or want and got rid of them. The drawer even closed!

What Marie presents in her book is a deeper dive into why we hold onto items and how best to keep and to let go. What works and what does not. She ask you to stick to her strict guidelines in order to not repeat the patterns.

Tidiness is more than just organizing. It allows you to clear your mind and your life.

From Marie:

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”



Quotes on organizing and tidying by Marie Kondo, author of the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” Watercolor painting by Beverly Brown.