Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening today, May 31st, 2019 at the Disneyland Resort. I’ve been fortunate to already experience the immersive land. It’s really a unique experience that has so much to offer. While the Rise of the Resistance attraction is opening later this year, Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run opens today.

For a kid who grew up with Star Wars films and action figures, it’s really a childhood dream come true. Even these many years later there is still something to enjoy about a galaxy far far away.

The design, food, drink, characters, and story all come together in an interesting and though provoking way.

It does feel like the next step forward in theme park experiences.

Check it out when you can. You have to experience it for yourselves.

And May the Force the with you.



Marco Polo


Marco Polo is a video messaging app. It allows you to take a video and send it to your friends or loved ones. They in turn are able to watch it on their own time. It’s basically recorded video messaging.

What it affords is the chance to stay in touch more than just texting. And it also helps to avoid the challenges of scheduling phone calls.

Because it is video messaging it feels more connected and personal.

You can also change your voice, use emojis, or even write on your screen during the message.

Give it a try, I’m sure there are loved ones out there who want to hear from (and see) you.



The Daily


The Daily is a daily podcast by the New York Times. Available where podcasts are found. It is an apporximatley 20 minute podcast on the news of the day.

What has been fascinating, and digestible, is the fact that they often focus on one news story and go more in depth. It’s been refreshing to cut out the clutter and just have one podcast which delivers the news.

Pretty ideal for commute listening.



iPad Pro and Apple Pencil



Just recently was given both the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. And wow. Love them both.

The iPad Pro is slim and so easy to travel with. I’ve got the keyboard that doubles as the case and pencil holder.

The Apple Pencil is totally addictive. Easy to use, take notes, draw, or just scroll. It all feels so user friendly. They are probably the best on the go tech items I’ve ever had.

Just at the very beginning of discovering what they are both capable of, but it’s been so awesome.


Before The Next One – This American Life


Mass shootings have become the norm in America.

Can you believe it.

This American Life has a recent episode where they present this on this topic in two parts: Act 1: Ready As You’ll Never Be and Act 2: Keep Breathing.

It’s worth a listen in this ongoing conversation about the tragedies that keep happening.


Gathering Medicine: Stories, Songs, and Methods for Soul Retrieval – Angeles Arrien


Recently, I hosted an event bringing leading educators together for a 2-day summit. At this event I met a teacher who has won awards for his teaching as well as receiving accolaides for his work. He recommended this audiobook for me to listen to while driving.

In these sometimes troubling times, I am finding listening to this book to be soothing and thought-provoking.

This same teacher said you will not catch everything upon first listening, which is ok. You will catch what you are supposed to catch.

If you find you need a little mental break, some soothing thoughts. Take a chance with this.


What lessons can the modern seeker of truth gain from the shaman’s way? Join respected anthropologist and folklorist Angeles Arrien as she bridges the past with the present to find powerful methods based on the shamanic tradition for gaining clarity and direction in your life.

The shaman’s way, offers Angeles Arrien, is to gather medicine by reconnecting with yourself on the deepest internal level. This soul work utilizes imagery, reflective questioning, dream work, and storytelling to help you integrate inner and outer experiences. Thus you travel the fourfold path of the ancients to find your personal truth and the way back home.

Gathering Medicine contains stories, spiritual teachings, and ideas for using timeless shamanic principles in your own modern-day life. Topics include: your body’s inner wisdom; the shape-shifter; the four rivers (inspiration, challenge, surprise, and love); three types of vocal energy; Rainbow Hoop and Medicine Wheel meditations; and much more.


My So-Called Podcast


This is a very niche post. My So-Called Podcast is hosted by Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle. Learned about Patrick from his other podcast, Broadway Backstory.

I’ll admit I was reluctant to listen to two people talk about a show. However, My So-Called Life is a show i know very well. Own the series on DVD, and watch the Christmas episode every year. It was a seminal show whcih only ran for one season, and still has impact.

The podcast feels like I’m sitting at lunch with my friends talking in detail about the show. And that makes the traffic and car rides more bearable.

So, if you are a big fan of My So-Called Life, give it a shot. If not, perhaps there are podcasts out there releated to your favorite show.

Go now go…