Gathering Medicine: Stories, Songs, and Methods for Soul Retrieval – Angeles Arrien


Recently, I hosted an event bringing leading educators together for a 2-day summit. At this event I met a teacher who has won awards for his teaching as well as receiving accolaides for his work. He recommended this audiobook for me to listen to while driving.

In these sometimes troubling times, I am finding listening to this book to be soothing and thought-provoking.

This same teacher said you will not catch everything upon first listening, which is ok. You will catch what you are supposed to catch.

If you find you need a little mental break, some soothing thoughts. Take a chance with this.


What lessons can the modern seeker of truth gain from the shaman’s way? Join respected anthropologist and folklorist Angeles Arrien as she bridges the past with the present to find powerful methods based on the shamanic tradition for gaining clarity and direction in your life.

The shaman’s way, offers Angeles Arrien, is to gather medicine by reconnecting with yourself on the deepest internal level. This soul work utilizes imagery, reflective questioning, dream work, and storytelling to help you integrate inner and outer experiences. Thus you travel the fourfold path of the ancients to find your personal truth and the way back home.

Gathering Medicine contains stories, spiritual teachings, and ideas for using timeless shamanic principles in your own modern-day life. Topics include: your body’s inner wisdom; the shape-shifter; the four rivers (inspiration, challenge, surprise, and love); three types of vocal energy; Rainbow Hoop and Medicine Wheel meditations; and much more.



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