Eighth Grade


Eighth Grade is a film starring Elsie Fisher, directed by Bo Burnham, and may just be up for Best Picture.

This painfully real, awkwardly true film touches on a very specific experience in American culture…Eighth Grade. It’s that time in life when we straddle youth and young adulthood. The time where nothing makes sense and everything is important. So, so important. Especially being liked and accepted.

This beautiful film is challenging to watch at times, it’s hard to believe these kids are acting. But it does leave you with a sense of accomplishment. As if we succeed getting through 8th grade with her. And that’s something to cheer about.






2 thoughts on “Eighth Grade

  1. Dad and I watched Bo on some show last week and immediately wanted to see his comedy special. His singing voice in the comedy was great, along with this very different comedy routine. We started watching his one season series ( I believe they didn’t renew it) and it too was different. We haven’t watched his series to the end yet.
    His humor has intriguid us so we will definitely see his movie now, per your “fascination !”😄

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