Kind Bars



Hello. Yes, I am writing about snack bars. Yes, they are straightforward with their ingredients. Yes, they are more expensive. Yes, I enjoy them.

From Wikiepedia: Kind LLC, stylized as KIND LLC and sometimes referred to as KIND Snacks or KIND Healthy Snacks, is a healthy foods company based in New York City, New York. It was founded in 2004 by Daniel Lubetzky.[1]The company manufactures seven product lines made from whole ingredients.

Additionally, there is a…

KIND movement 

Wikipedia: Through the KIND Movement, KIND wants to create a thriving community of people who choose kindness and make kindness a state of mind. In the spirit of this movement, in 2009, KIND launched Do the KIND Thing, an evolving platform that empowers people to turn KIND acts into support for causes.[19] The KIND Movement includes KIND acts, #kindawesome cards, and KIND Causes. To date, KIND has performed, facilitated and celebrated over 1 million KIND acts and has been recognized by Time magazine as a “New Way to Make a Difference”.[20]


This one is my favorite:1kind-bars-fda_0



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