Fun Home (Musical)

Fun Home the Musical Broadway Poster

Fun Home is a 2015 Tony Award winning musical based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel. It is not standard musical fare, the story of an aspiring cartoonist, her coming out, and relationship with her family, and most significantly, her father.

I’m a little late to this family party as I did not get the chance to see it when it ran on Broadway. However, did get a chance to see it in Los Angeles.

It certainly helped to have read the graphic novel twice, and therefore was familiar with the subject matter. However, the translation to the stage is rather remarkable. Due to a strong script, direction, and scoring. The emotional journey is clear in not only the lyrics, but the carefully constructed score.

It is a case of specific storytelling which yields universal themes through it’s details.

Thought provoking, challenging, moving.

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