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I’m sure you are aware of Instagram. It’s an app that let’s you upload photos and share them. It’s a visual way of sharing your social media story.

Recently, Instagram launched Instagram Story as a way for users to now create photos, videos, boomerang, and more to share.

It’s only posted for 24 hours and allows the user to be playful and quick with giving some insight into their days.

At the top of the scroll it lists all the people you follow who have created stories and allows you to watch them one after the other.

And for the person who posts, you get to see who viewed it. Plus you can save it or post it to your regular feed.

And it’s just a little bit addictive. Have fun sharing.




Fun Home (Musical)

Fun Home the Musical Broadway Poster

Fun Home is a 2015 Tony Award winning musical based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel. It is not standard musical fare, the story of an aspiring cartoonist, her coming out, and relationship with her family, and most significantly, her father.

I’m a little late to this family party as I did not get the chance to see it when it ran on Broadway. However, did get a chance to see it in Los Angeles.

It certainly helped to have read the graphic novel twice, and therefore was familiar with the subject matter. However, the translation to the stage is rather remarkable. Due to a strong script, direction, and scoring. The emotional journey is clear in not only the lyrics, but the carefully constructed score.

It is a case of specific storytelling which yields universal themes through it’s details.

Thought provoking, challenging, moving.

maxresdefaultFun Home
Circle in the Square Theatrebg-tickets




Lorde is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand. She made a big splash with her album Pure Heroine and breakout song “Royals” in 2o13. She is one of the youngest artists to have a number 1 song in the US at age of 16.

She is 20 now and has released a few songs off hew upcoming album, Melodrama.

Her performances on Saturday Night Live recently caught my attention. There is something quite unique and connected about her performances. And she is 20!

Some artists come along and are clearly meant to do what they do.

Take a look and listen.

Missing Richard Simmons


Missing Richard Simmons is a podcast about the sudden disappearance of Richard Simmons. Richard being the health and fitness guru/energizer bunny.

Back in February of 2014 he suddenly stopped leading his exercise classes and communicating with any friends, at all. With no explanation whatsoever. He totally and completely removed himself from public life.

Three years in, his friend/acquaintance Dan Taberski, decided to investigate and find out what happened. The podcast has only six episodes, (4 have been released at the time of writing this blog). And is totally and completely compelling.

It feels similar in ways to the SERIAL podcasts.

Several times listening I kept thinking, truth is stranger than fiction. This story is a mix of celebrity, sadness, mystery, nostalgia, intrigue, humor, compassion, and surprise.

I had been reluctant at first, but now I am all in.

There is an incredible story here.

Richard Simmons Portrait Session

LOS ANGELES – 1992: Actor Richard Simmons poses for a portrait in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)




My Life as a Zucchini


My Life as a Zucchini is a wonderful French stop-motion animated film (Ma Vie de Courgette) which was nominated for an Academy Award. This heartfelt gem contains complex characters which happen to be made out of clay. Due to steady direction, solid writing, and deep compassion, it’s a special film. ┬áIt centers around the story of a boy, Icare, who is suddenly orphaned from his mother who nicknamed him “Zucchini”.

At the foster home he discovers a unique set of kids where he will be living. It there he learns that home is sometimes where you choose.

There are both French (with English subtitles) version, as well as an English version.

Be sure to check this one out.



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