La La Land


La La Land. It’s rather extraordinary. And have already have seen it twice.

The story is about Mia and Sebastian, both with the desire to pursue their dreams in Hollywood. Mia is an actress and Sebastian is a musician. They meet and struggle to love and follow their dreams.

What makes this film special is the nostalgic and modern sensibilities smashed up together. It feels both familiar and fresh at the same time. And the talents of both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are on full display.

It’s also a musical, but a touching and affecting one.

My friend Tyler said he took from it that “Some dreams come true, some dreams change.”

This one is for the dreamers.




Rogue One


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is quite an accomplishment. Consider what is at stake: make another blockbuster, have it fit into the cannon of Star Wars films and the created film universe, have it fit in the story as seemlessly as possible, deliver effects, action, characters, and heart.

From the two times we have already seen the film, all of this is accomplished in Rogue One.

It’s also worth noting the female lead character, another strong female role.

And the Director, Gareth Edwards, a super fan, has clearly worked hard and researched extensively for this film. The film has some of the most realistic war sequences in Stars Wars. The pathos of war, the sacrifice, the loss, the heroism are all on display here.

It’s surprising and moving.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Donnie Yen)

Ph: Film Frame

©Lucasfilm LFL

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Donnie Yen) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL



Dixie Chili


Dixie Chili has a long history in my family. The original location opened in Newport, KY and is still open. Most of my extended family still lives in the area. Every  visit includes at least 2 trips to the iconic location.

From the website:

Founded in 1929 by Nicholas D. Sarakatsannis, Dixie Chili set the standard for quality food at reasonable prices. “Papa Nick” developed his secret chili recipe using only the highest quality ingredients: 96% Fat Free Beef Chuck, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Bermuda Onions, and 100% Semolina Wheat Spaghetti. He passed the recipe down to his sons — George, Chris, Panny and Spiros — who continue to serve the delicious and nutritious chili Nick served back in 1929, fresh from the kettle, everyday.”


Basically three options exist for us; coneys or chili, or both. Coneys are hot dogs with chili, mustard & cheese. Chili can be plain or eaten as a 3-way (chili, spaghetti & cheese) all the way up to a 6-way (chili, spaghetti, cheese, onion, beans, and garlic)

It’s a place that not only has great food, but memories of family and good times together.

It’s more than a restaurant for my family. It connects us to memories of the past and new experiences in the present.

And we always leave with cases of canned chili to take home.




Dubsmash is an app which takes sounds clips of music, films, tv, quotes, etc. and let’s you lip sync to them. Basically it allows you to test your lip synching skills and post them online via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Mostly hilarious and clever. Can be quite entertaining.

Check it out. And lip sync for your life!

And Be Anyone You Want To Be.



Manchester by the Sea


Manchester by the Sea is a gripping and intense film which is certain to be up for Best Picture for 2016. It has already won the National Board of Review Best Picture award.

It tells the story of two brothers where one dies suddenly and designates the surviving brother to take care of his 15 year old son.

Starring Casey Affleck & Kyle Chandler as the brothers, Michelle Williams as the ex wife,  and breakout performance by Lucas Hedges as the son.

It has some of the most painful and bittersweet moments on film this year, with tremendous performances, skilled direction, it packs a wallop.

It almost serves as a guidebook on what it’s like to be human and how we deal with the tragedies that happen in our lives.

Go see it.