Hell or High Water


Hell or High Water is a new film starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges. This neo-western, bank robbery tale is multi-layered, fill with pathos, classic scenes, violence, and unexpected humor.

Two brothers (Pine & Foster) have a plan to get back at the bank which is going to foreclose on their deceased Mother before the end of the week. But if it’s up to Texas Ranger (Bridges), he is going to stop them before they do.

With themes of the American Dream, brotherhood, loyalty, and sacrifice this film feels relevant and quick witted. Everyone is up to the task and across the board the performances are stand outs. Even a few bank tellers and waitresses you meet along the way bring depth and grit to their roles.

Surely to be up for Best Picture as well as possible nominations for Actors, Screenplay, Direction, it’s a true new American Classic.






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