Recently I’ve become fascinated with people’s phone homescreens. It seems most people have photos of something that’s important to them; family, spouse, pets, home.

Turns out there is a website where people can share their homescreens.  Had made some observations and discovered there is a website which already exists to showcase homescreens…way to go internet.

However, most of the screens are sharing the apps they have or the clever ways they set up their home screen. I’m just digging a bit deeper in being intrigued by the photos used on homescreens.

What does your homescreen show? Is it something you really care about, something special?

Considering we have our phones with us most of the time, it makes sense we want to be reminded of things we love and care about.

Feel free to share your homescreen story in the comments section.





The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


We recently had the opportunity to stay at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

What a place. Totally hip, booming, and the new Vegas experience. If you like that kind of thing.

While Vegas is not for everyone, for those of us who find Las Vegas to be an adult playground, this is an excellent place to visit.

They have everything you need, pools, clubs, bars, restaurants, casino, shops, and some awesome rooms.

Smack dab in the middle of the strip. It really the right amount of wrong.

Oh and make sure you look for the Chandelier Bar and the hidden pizza place.





Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat Pray Love Author


Elizabeth Gilbert may be best know for writing Eat Pray Love, which was a chronicle of a major upheaval and recovery at a time in her life. It also became a smash success as well as a film starring Julie Roberts in 2010. Gilbert has continued to write past the phenomenon of the Eat Pray Love experience and has 2 Ted Talks where she discusses her journey.

The talks offer a candid, self-effacing approach to the creative process. She presents her own path as well as other’s paths to their inspirations, ultimately encouraging the listeners to find their “home”. That place we should all return to as we have both successes and failures in our lives.

Take a listen, it’s worth it.

She has continued to write beyond Eat Pray Love with many books including those posted below:


Big Magic

Hell or High Water


Hell or High Water is a new film starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges. This neo-western, bank robbery tale is multi-layered, fill with pathos, classic scenes, violence, and unexpected humor.

Two brothers (Pine & Foster) have a plan to get back at the bank which is going to foreclose on their deceased Mother before the end of the week. But if it’s up to Texas Ranger (Bridges), he is going to stop them before they do.

With themes of the American Dream, brotherhood, loyalty, and sacrifice this film feels relevant and quick witted. Everyone is up to the task and across the board the performances are stand outs. Even a few bank tellers and waitresses you meet along the way bring depth and grit to their roles.

Surely to be up for Best Picture as well as possible nominations for Actors, Screenplay, Direction, it’s a true new American Classic.





The Girl on the Train


Recently tore through the thriller novel The Girl on the Train. It immediately struck me as a well-written, intriguing, mystery- thriller. I found mysefl trying to piece together these fragmented memories of the main character, Rachel. What did she see? What did she forget? How did she get involved?

The novel moves along briskly as you meet different characters and wonder if and how it’s all connected. Kind of like a puzzle you are desperately trying to put together, right along with the main character.

The film version is going to be released on October 7, 2016, limited. Starring Emily Blunt, it promises an interesting film along the lines of Gone Girl.

The themes of memory, loneliness, loss play throughout the story and lead to a dramtic climax.