The Shallows



The Shallows is a new film starring Blake Lively about a surfer who encounters a shark in a secret beach in Mexico. Beautifully shot, it clearly gives homage to the classic film Jaws, but with some modern elements.

The plot is not deep, but touches lightly on the character’s recent loss and her quest for connection in the vast world. In the middle of this quest she unexpectedly comes face to face with a shark.

Thrilling, intense, and a bit of how would I survive this, this summer popcorn flick is a true diversion. Found myself invested the whole time and impressed at the accomplishment. I’m hard-pressed to find a better shark related film since Jaws. While not perfect, it hits the right notes, and made me jump at least 4 times.




2 thoughts on “The Shallows

  1. Went to see this movie per your suggestion and agreed with your critique . It is a, “How do I get out of this situation by using my ingenuity and resources?”
    Summer movie , comfortable seats and tons of popcorn !😋

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