And then there’s Zayn Malik.

Here’s what we know: He’s beautiful. He’s formerly with One Direction. He’s 23. His net worth is around 215 million.

Here’s the surprise, his first solo venture, Mind of Mine,  has been a success and has offered some very compelling music. Even coming off one of the most successful bands ever doesn’t guarantee solo success, but somehow he is pulling it off.

He’s also to pull off that rare achievement for artists, branding himself by only one name, ZAYN.

zayn-malik-zoom-d217a3df-5894-4bb0-860d-3d091d9dd73d2BE025AB00000578-0-image-a-14_1441115892308zayn-malik-bb1-2016-billboard-04-1250zayn-malik-vogue980x (1)

Check out some of the music below from the new album:





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