Tequila, Mexico


Recently had the chance to visit Mexico and the little town of Tequila. We had very few expectations for the visit knowing very little about the actual town. What we found was a total charming surprise.

It’s a quaint, cobble-stoned, painted buildings magic town, or “Pueblo Magico” as it was also named in 2003. Restaurants, shops, churches, Tequila mobile tours, as well as tours of both Jose Cuervo La Rojena distillery and Casa Sauza.

It’s a short drive or train ride from Guadalajara and totally worth the excursion.







This new Broadway musical was created based on the film of the same name. It’s the story of a woman who works in a diner who’s life isn’t exactly what she wants. It’s the surprising journey she goes on to discover herself and what really matters.

And she makes pies.

Nominated for Best Musical in the year of Hamilton, as well as three other nominations; Best Score, Best Actress, and Best Featured Actor. 

The score is by singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles and offers charm and weight to the hometown story.

Take a look at the recent Tony Award performance. 

Jessie Mueller plays the main character Jenna. Jessie won the Tony Award last year for her portrayal of Carol King in the musical Beautiful. A clear talent, Mueller is a fresh new face to the Broadway scene. Expect incredible performances from her for years to come.

The Oatmeal


The Oatmeal is a website which contains comics by Matthew Inman. It also contains his blog and links to his many books. His unique take on the world is funny, acerbic, and honest.

His work includes Exploding Kittens Card Game as well as an upcoming book titles 404 Not Found, which tells the story of a robot who goes missing. He also has a NSFW book which I cannot even post about here. But interesting, hilarious, clever, and adult.





Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Slots App



Who knows why I am obsessed with the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Slots App?Perhaps because I’m obsessed with the actual Wonka slots in Vegas.

Have this game on my phone and am fascinated by the design, the different levels, and how it ties in all the aspects of the film. It’s this candy-colored dream, with the music playing, and nostalgia ripe for the picking. Suppose it is escapist fun, and gambling.

You don’t have to pay for extras or extra points unless you want to. I’m currently on a mission to see how many credits I can amass. (Currently at 100K)

You start at the “Candy Man Can” level and then as you play more, more levels are unlocked; “Augustus Gloop & Veruca’s Golden Ticket”, “Violet & Mike Teevee’s Golden Ticket”, “Charlie’s Golden Ticket”, and more, of course.

Will I continue the obession forever, unlikely. But will I play it when I travel or am waiting in line at DMV. Yes.


Zynga hopes Willy Wonka slots mobile game will be its golden ticket