Maya Angelou


There will be no way to do justice to Maya Angelou in this post. So, this will be just a glimpse into her work.

Recently, a friend posted online a video where Maya Angelou was speaking about the topic “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud”. It’s less than 2 minutes, and yet brings the truth rushing forth.

The videos below are clips from Oprah’s Master Class series.

Maya Angelou continues to be an inspirational force. Through her various works, novels, poems, contributions, she was a visionary with an eloquence very few possess.

Below are some of her novels, as well as her poem “Still I Rise”


And lastly, her last tweet before she passed. Even during her last moments on earth she found a way to open up the human experience in a way like no other.



2 thoughts on “Maya Angelou

  1. I read her book, “I know why the caged bird sings”, years ago.
    What an extraordinary human person she was. Lots to learn from her words!

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