Hello, My Name Is Doris


Hello_My_Name_is_DorisWe recently went to see a new film Hello, My Name Is Doris, starring Sally Field. Admittedly, we were a bit reluctant based on the obvious quirky traits of the main character we see in the trailer. However, the reviews have been strong and the user score reviews have been even stronger.

Turns out, it’s a well constructed, written, performed film which has surprising moments of depth and contemplation. Themes of loss, loneliness, attraction, friendship, longing, growing older, letting go, and moving on are explored.

It’s worth noting that Sally Field is a two-time Best Actress winner, and her skills are shining once again here. I had confidence as a viewer that her performance would be fully realized, and the character quirkiness would blend with real life pathos.

The life events Doris experiences will most likely be shared by all of us. How we choose to live through them will be up to us.





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2 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is Doris

  1. Dad and I saw this movie Wednesday night and went based on the reviews. We loved how Sally Fields made you believe she actually was Doris!
    The story was poignant and believable. Made me look at myself and wonder if I could ever be “Doris”. Wow!

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