Recently discovered a new online program called Gaycation on Viceland.

From the website: “Ellen Page and her best friend, Ian Daniel, set off on a personal journey to explore LGBTQ cultures around the world.”

Ellen Page is best known for her role in the Best Picture Nominee “Juno” and also received a Best Actress nomination for her role.

There are currently 3 episodes available where the duo travels to Japan, Brazil, and Jamaica. A fourth is due in the USA.

Have to admit, I was at first hesitant to even watch the show, thinking it was another travelogue. Instead, I was taken by the depth and breadth of the documentary series.

In Japan, one of the most poignant moments happens when they are invited to sit in as a young man comes out to his mother for the first time. They admit to the awkwardness of  being there to witness such a private event, and yet by the end, it’s clear they are exactly where they should be.

The program soars in not only exposing the culture of these varied locations, but in illuminating the struggles LGBT experience all over the world.




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