The Revenant


The Revenant, had to look up the definition:

From Google:


a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.
So, we went to see the film, reluctantly. And much to our surprise it proved to be intense, gripping, bleak, wild, violent, beautiful, epic, and certainly one of the best pictures of the year.
This is coming from someone who watches Tootsie, Moonstruck, and Perks of Being a Wallflower on repeat. And yet, it is strong film making nevertheless. And that’s what always keeps my attention, regardless of genre.
Did some research on the reviews and it currently sits at 81% fresh on rottentomatoes. Below many of the other Best Picture contenders. This surprised me, so I looked further at the rotten reviews. The negative reviews say it has a flat story, it’s indulgent, a slog, self absorbed.
This disparity I find intriguing. Some reviews state it is the best picture of the year, and others despise it. Perhaps that is the way of the world. Never a complete consensus with anything. Nothing.
And in a concept, this disparity folds right back into The Revenant. Survival at all costs, dog eat dog, someone has to win…and there is no consensus.
Only natural light was used during the entire film and the shoot was apparently grueling. It will definitely bring Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar win for Best Actor.
I enjoy films that challenge, that push limits, remind us of life, and the horrendous/amazing journey it is.

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