Snapchat. Ok. Trying to get my head around this app which has over 500 million views a day. Yes, 500 million (according to wikipedia). The basic premise is to take a photo or 10 second video clip and send to your friend or friends. And then it disappears after they view it.

So, as you can imagine, apparently, there is a lot of “sexting” going on. But also, according to wikipedia, one of the largest categories is sending “stupid faces”.

Had a friend encourage me to sign up, and I have, and it is a bit of a time waster. Most of the exchanges I have had are silly, or just images and clips of people and what they are doing that day. It also, it turns out, is an opportunity for the above mentioned friend to tease me relentlessly.

The bright side is that it connects you to people in a brief and fleeting way. Kind of like life.





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