A Chorus Line


A Chorus Line. I did not see the original cast. I did see the film in the 80s. But I did have 3 different people at 3 different times in NYC tell me about when they saw this show. Each time, in retelling the story they cried. Each person recalling this musical actually cried when talking to me about it. Rarely does theatre hit so many people on such a deep level. A Chorus Line was one of those rare achievements that still resonates today.

I wish I had seen the original cast and production of A Chorus Line. I did have the chance to meet many of the cast while working an event with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids. The cast was recalling special times in the past, reveling in seeing each other, and also discussing the unfair aspects of their share of the profits. (Apparently Michael Bennett kept it all to himself).

But here is what remains…The cast of A Chorus Line put their hearts and stories into this groundbreaking musical, and it worked. And their stories now will last. Listen to Music and the Mirror and you can actually hear the emphatic passion behind Donna McKechnie’s performance. (No wonder she won the Tony Award).

At best, this is what all artists hope to achieve; success and to be remembered. A Chorus Line showed us that we all matter. The Leading players, the stars, and the chorus line.







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