Prosthetics for Pets


On the Today show they recently had a feature about Prosthetics for Pets. Wasn’t really aware that this was something developing and progressing. Just as with humans, things happen and limbs are lost. With loving support of owners, animals are allowed an opportunity to return to a relatively normal life. Being a pet owner it was particularly touching.

There are so many people in need all over the world who need support in many many ways. And it is also nice to see these loving companions getting attention and care so they too can live a full life.

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Link to Today Show feature:


One thought on “Prosthetics for Pets

  1. Thanks for writing about this ☺🐶💟🐺. It’s a fascinating development. I just wish they made them where the pet could lie down and get up with the appliance on. With Coopie, my tripod kitty, I checked into a cart, and he could wear it but not all day bc it wouldn’t allow him to lie down with it on 😐. It makes me want to check on it again though. So thank you for making it present again my friend 😍. Lots of love! Xoxoxo 

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