Mad Max Fury Road


Went to see Mad Max Fury Road this past weekend. The reviews have been amazing for this next film in the series from the Mad Max universe. The Last film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was released 30 years ago. And let me tell you, Fury Road is ambitious, visually incredible, and visceral. It was hard to even understand how they accomplished the filming with the stunts, driving sequences, and battles. But accomplish they did.

An interesting aspect of the storyline involves women and how they are the strength and wisdom behind finding true hope, rebirth. The men, for the most part, are savages that are in survival mode. The women, while also surviving, also have an eye to the future which they hope will be better for themselves, and for their children.

Mostly, if you are looking for an incredible action film, this is about as good as it gets.





And for old time sake:


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