Jack Daniels


Oh Jack Daniels. So this Tennessee Whisky (not a Bourbon they say) has some history in my family. It is one of my Grandmother’s go to drinks. In fact, one of her nicknames is Lady Jack or Lady J. I really didn’t start drinking until I was approaching 30. And having waited a long time to partake, I discovered very quickly what appealed to me and what didn’t. Jack Daniels appealed to me.

Jack Daniels is the highest selling American Whisky according to Wikipedia. It is also named after Jasper NewtonJackDaniel born in 1849. He was an American Distiller.

The taste is part of why I drink Jack Daniels, it has a kick, and it connects me to family…surprisingly. So drink responsibly and raise a glass to toast my Grandma Mary the next time you happen to be holding the Tennessee Whisky in your hand. Cheers.



Website: http://www.jackdaniels.com/verify-age


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