Banksy is an anonymous graffiti artist who continues to elude the world. He was featured in the film Exit Through The Gift Shop, and has displayed his work all over the world. Because of his elusiveness his works are commanding top dollar in the art world.

A few noteable projects include his time in NYC last year where everyday there was a new work that was on display somewhere around the city. It became a sensation and scavenger hunt to locate the work, and to be the first one to do so.

Currently, his work is on display in the Middle East on broken buildings and rubble.

From the UK he continues to surprise, delight, and challenge. His works are often commentary on social issues, pop culture, politics. Usually the works juxtapose controversial iconography with non-threatening images.

His efforts continue a conversation about art, history, politics, and the parts we play in it all. His website is below.

balloon[1] banksy_surveillance[1] 131025134737-01-banksy-1025-horizontal-gallery[1] 28-kissing-coppers-banksy[1] banksyheartballoon[1] banksy-flower-thrower-bricks-size-colour-10269-12445_medium[1] Banksy[2] _2912056_orig[1] banksy-olympic-rings[1]


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