Dark Matter and Dark Energy


Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Somehow a post about this seemed fitting for Halloween. And believe it or not, I have been fascinated by it.

From Wikipedia: Dark matter is a kind of matter hypothesized in astronomy and cosmology to account for gravitational effects that appear to be the result of invisible mass. In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy which permeates all of space and tends to accelerate the expansion of the universe.[1]

It has been hypothesized to help explain the expanding universe and to account for something we don’t know. Interesting. And it is a reminder that there are so many mysteries out there. So many concepts and theories that have yet to be proven or even discovered. Amazing when you think about it.

And according to NASA “more is unknown than known.”




Happy Halloween!





We experienced a sudden and traumatic death of one of our beloved cats this week, Zorro. Each week I try and write about things that command my attention, and would be remiss if I did not write about this heartbreaking matter.

We were fortunate enough to be asked to adopt Buster & Zorro over 9 years ago. Technically, our neighbors said we were the ones being chosen and therefore they adopted us. We have been so lucky to have such loving, ever-present companions in our home.

Pets are lovely. They can make an empty house feel full. They bring consistency and love everyday, every moment. It’s no wonder people get so attached to their pets. They indeed do become family.

The surprising part of this whole sad situation was the common experience the loss of a loved pet has with our friends and family. So many of us have lost these wonderful creatures, the sweet animals that fill our homes and fill our hearts.

At the very least I though Zorro deserved a mention in this blog. Although the truth is he was much more than a weekly fascination. He was our sweet green-eyed boy.







Fell free to share thoughts about your beloved pets in the comments below.



Oh Canada! Just love Canada. Mountains, Maple Leaves, Hockey, Calgary Stampede, Celine Dion, Moose, Tim Hortons, Canadian Beer, and more. It’s really the most amazing place, and the people are some of the most friendly in the world.

Plus, the accents are mostly apparent when the say the vowel “O”. Pronounced as a clear “owe”. So about sounds like “abowt”, Charming.

But it really is the climate and scenery that steals the show. Majestic snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes, and incredible cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (I hear).

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.



Fireball Whisky


Tastes like Heaven, BURNS LIKE HELL. (Lol)

Never written about alcohol before, but somehow with the Fall upon us and Holidays just around the corner, it seemed fitting. A friend of mine brought a bottle of this as a gift to a holiday event last year, and what a hit. Imagine drinking liquid red hots. And funny thing, I don’t exactly care for red hots. But somehow combined with whisky and as a drink, it works. So, if you are of legal drinking age in your country, try it. And of course, remember to drink responsibly.







BuzzFeed is a website. And this is what they say about themselves: BuzzFeed has the hottest, most social content on the web. We feature breaking buzz and the kinds of things you’d want to pass along to your friends.

They seem to have figured out how to capture most of our attention. Who hasn’t gotten sucked into some random list or quiz. But what’s interesting is how ubiquitous the website really is. Most people on Facebook are sharing some content from BuzzFeed. They have tapped into the collective social unifiers.

And some are fleetingly entertaining. Kind of like a candy bar, you eat it, it’s satisfying for a moment, and then you go and eat and apple.



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