iTunes Radio


I had Pandora and would occasionally use it, but when iTunes launched iTunes Radio it melded pretty seamlessly into my daily routine. Overnight I was able to play the radio from our speaker system at home, in the car and even on my desk at work. Maybe it’s because I worked so much more with iTunes in general which made the transition so easy. Now I find myself creating stations around concepts, artists, or genres all the time. I entered “Rat Pack” and have an awesome station that plays standards by that great generation of singers. Now I enjoy typing in words based on dinner for background music: “Mexican”, “French”, “Italian”. Even “Irish” for St. Patrick’s Day. And if a song plays and you like it, it will be noted in the history section. Plus, all the songs are kept in sync in real time across all devices. iTunes radio progresses technology by presenting music in a fresh and accessible way.



iTunes Radio


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