Long Island Medium


Think what you will, but there are many mysteries in life. I happen to think that Long Island Medium is one of them. Theresa Caputo is an entertaining and compassionate women who is a medium. She has a show on TLC where she communicates to spirits. And often what happens is healing for those involved. It’s moving and seems completely sincere and honest. But the debate continues. What do you think?


Long Island Medium – TLC


3 thoughts on “Long Island Medium

  1. Love , love, love Long Island Medium!
    She is everything you said and I watch her show religiously. I’m amazed at what she tells people . She does make you think and at least wonder about the possibilities .

  2. The James Randi Educational Foundation has offered a one million dollar prize to anyone who can give proof of psychic, supernatural or paranormal claims. This offer has been available since 2011 and no one has yet been able to confirm any “gifts”. Why do you think she would not claim her prize? I think to some it may be comforting to think that they have connected to loved ones who have passed on but it can also be damaging. I think that the idea of it all is fun but the reality is that it is all pretend…. She is just good at pretending.

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