The Way, Way Back


The Way, Way Back is a 2013 film that gets it’s title from the very back seat of a family station wagon. (I didn’t know that is what way, way back meant as we never had a family station wagon). But the film is one of the best of 2013, certainly of the summer. While not perfect, it still captures something unique. Coming of age, sorting out yourself and your family, and finding your happiness.¬†THE WAY, WAY BACK





Cheers Mate. While London is very expensive, it is also an extremely exciting and history filled city. There is so much to do; visit sites such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, stroll along the Thames, Tate Modern, Picadilly Circus, West End Shows, Double Decker Buses, and much more. Be sure to check out The Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. Also, a great local pub in Hammersmith called The Dove, it sits right on the Thames and is everything you want an English Pub to be. Order the fish and chips. And get a pint. Pip Pip Cheerio.







The Dove

Tate Modern

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Hedwig and the Angry Inch



Hedwig and the Angry Inch was created by John Cameron Mitchell initially as an Off-Broadway show. The show was such a hit that it later became a film. JCM won the Director Award at Sundance as well as the film winning the Audience Award. And the exciting news is that it is now headed to Broadway with the role of Hedwig being played by Neil Patrick Harris. This unusual story about a “slip of a girly boy” totally rocks.








New York Times Article

Coming to Broadway

Bathing Beauties


Recently found this 1920s bathing beauty figurine at a Paris Flea Market. Turns out there’s a whole world of bathing beauty figurines. Who knew? Is this how it is for everything nowadays, you discover something and find out there’s a whole cottage industry. Something nice about antiques and the stories they hold.

Bathing Beauties on Pinterest: Bathing Beauties