My year long fascination is ornaments.

Started when I was a kid and we made a set of clothespin ornaments. To me they were toys that I got to play with every year. One year, my Mom gave me the set to take with me as I ventured on. And now, all through the year, I acquire ornaments.

Here is a similar set: $(KGrHqJHJCoFCrTfL!eiBQt21EQK3Q~~60_57

Here are the guidelines for the best ornaments:

1. No dates: The ornaments should be timeless.

2. No glass: They break, every time.

3. Charming: Ornaments have to have charm.

4. Uniqueness: Sequined covered lobster…YES! Lapland Skater…YES. Walrus…YES!

Vintage shops and thrift stores can be good places for well-priced ornaments. In terms of more mainstream shops, here are a few places I have found some great ones. Great location in Long Beach is The Vintage Emporium. http://www.VintageEmporium.com

– Anthropologie. Ok, the most expensive ornaments in the history of man. However, they have all the qualities mentioned above, so, worth the investment. www.anthropologie.com



– Crate and Barrel. They often have quite a variety every year. Not as unique as anthropologie, but worth a look. crateandbarrel.com


– Target. Target often has great choices, at the beginning of the season. And I mean, just after Thanksgiving. Once you reach December the pickings are slim. http://www.target.com


– Martha Stewart. Martha used to sell some great ornaments at Kmart. But no more. Now you can find her’s at Macy’s. Also, check out her website for some great craft ornaments. http://www.marthastewart.com


And now, my Mom gives me a new ornament every year. Most have been from the Hallmark collection.


Thanks, Mom.

Happy Holidays!


One thought on “Ornaments

  1. I’m thrilled you like the ornaments so much! They were fun for me to make when you and Dan were little “ornaments” yourselves!

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