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Ok. Have you seen Tootsie? One of the best comedies of the last century. Think I’m kidding? Does it help to know that it was nominated for 10 Academy Awards? Some of the best lines in a comedy. It really is awesome. The film was released in 1982 and stars Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange. Hard to explain why it’s so good. But it works. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. If you have, watch it again.

Les, have you been drinking?


Some of the best quotes (from IMBD):

Michael Dorsey: Are you saying that nobody in New York will work with me?
George Fields: No, no, that’s too limited… nobody in Hollywood wants to work with you either. I can’t even set you up for a commercial. You played a *tomato* for 30 seconds – they went a half a day over schedule because you wouldn’t sit down.
Michael Dorsey: Of course. It was illogical.
George Fields: YOU WERE A TOMATO. A tomato doesn’t have logic. A tomato can’t move.
Michael Dorsey: That’s what I said. So if he can’t move, how’s he gonna sit down, George? I was a stand-up tomato: a juicy, sexy, beefsteak tomato. Nobody does vegetables like me. I did an evening of vegetables off-Broadway. I did the best tomato, the best cucumber… I did an endive salad that knocked the critics on their ass.

Ron Carlisle: I’m afraid you’re not right for this role. Thanks for coming by.
Dorothy Michaels: Why am I not right, Mister Carlisle?
Ron Carlisle: I’m trying to make a certain statement and I’m looking for a specific physical type.
Dorothy Michaels: Mr. Carlisle, I’m an actress. I’m a character actress. I can play it any way you want.
Ron Carlisle: I’m sure you’re a very good actress. It’s just that you’re not threatening enough.
Dorothy Michaels: Not threatening enough? Listen, you take your hands off me or I’ll knee your balls right through the roof of your mouth! Is that enough of a threat?
Ron Carlisle: [shaken] It’s a start.

Ron Carlisle: Take, Tootsie.
Dorothy Michaels: Ron? I have a name it’s Dorothy. It’s not Tootsie or Toots or Sweetie or Honey or Doll.
Ron Carlisle: Oh, Christ.
Dorothy Michaels: No, just Dorothy. Alan’s always Alan, Tom’s always Tom and John’s always John. I have a name too. It’s Dorothy, capital D-O-R-O-T-H-Y.

Sandy: A guy named les is sending you flowers?
Michael Dorsey: Yes. He’s a friend of mine. He can’t eat candy he’s diebetic.
Sandy: Why is he thanking you for a lovely night in front of the fire.
Michael Dorsey: [long pause] My minds a blank.
Sandy: Micheal, are you gay?
Michael Dorsey: In what sense?

[Dorothy Michaels’ screen test]
Rita: I’d like to make her look a little more attractive, how far can you pull back?
Cameraman: How do you feel about Cleveland?
Rita: Knock it off.


Oh Santa! by Mariah Carey


Oh Santa is a song written in 2010 by Mariah and her writing partners. Not the perennial hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, it deserves to be considered. Funky, fresh and retro, I’m convinced this song will become more popular as time goes by. It can be found on her “Merry Christmas 2 You” album. Check it out. And Happy Holidays.


City Bakery Hot Chocolate


The best hot chocolate. You do not need a big cup, just small taste as they make it rich and dense. They have locations in NYC and LA.

In February, the NYC location has a Hot Chocolate Festival where they make different flavors everyday. Flavors such as: Chili Pepper Hot Chocolate, On A Peanut Butter Barge Hot Chocolate, Bourbon Hot Chocolate, and Banana Peel Hot Chocolate. Be sure to check it out on a cold, winter day. Comforting, rich and amazing.

COF Master2 copy


The City Bakery


My year long fascination is ornaments.

Started when I was a kid and we made a set of clothespin ornaments. To me they were toys that I got to play with every year. One year, my Mom gave me the set to take with me as I ventured on. And now, all through the year, I acquire ornaments.

Here is a similar set: $(KGrHqJHJCoFCrTfL!eiBQt21EQK3Q~~60_57

Here are the guidelines for the best ornaments:

1. No dates: The ornaments should be timeless.

2. No glass: They break, every time.

3. Charming: Ornaments have to have charm.

4. Uniqueness: Sequined covered lobster…YES! Lapland Skater…YES. Walrus…YES!

Vintage shops and thrift stores can be good places for well-priced ornaments. In terms of more mainstream shops, here are a few places I have found some great ones. Great location in Long Beach is The Vintage Emporium.

– Anthropologie. Ok, the most expensive ornaments in the history of man. However, they have all the qualities mentioned above, so, worth the investment.



– Crate and Barrel. They often have quite a variety every year. Not as unique as anthropologie, but worth a look.


– Target. Target often has great choices, at the beginning of the season. And I mean, just after Thanksgiving. Once you reach December the pickings are slim.


– Martha Stewart. Martha used to sell some great ornaments at Kmart. But no more. Now you can find her’s at Macy’s. Also, check out her website for some great craft ornaments.


And now, my Mom gives me a new ornament every year. Most have been from the Hallmark collection.


Thanks, Mom.

Happy Holidays!