Tiffany & Co.

It’s that time of year. Tiffany & Co. is one place you cannot go wrong. Not only do they have the most beautiful jewelry, but they also carry other affordable gift items as well, including: champagne flutes, key rings, cufflinks, ornaments, and more. You can even buy a copy of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s book by Truman Capote. What could be better than opening that blue box on Christmas morning? Classic, refined, elegant.

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CNN Heroes

CNN Heroes is an annual program, hosted by Anderson Cooper, that puts the spotlight on inspiring individuals who have contributed to the world with their humanitarian efforts. Nominations come from all over the world and then10 people are selected by a distinguished panel, and are honored during a live event on CNN. It proves to be impactful, illuminating, and moving.

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Here’s one story:

This year’s program airs on CNN on Sunday, December 2, 2012. Live 9ET/6PT

Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving is the official title of Lady Gaga’s TV special that aired on November 24, 2011. Not only was it a celebration of Thanksgiving in it’s traditions, but also an opportunity for Gaga to show she is a true talent. Powerful, Reverential, and Moving.

From Wikipedia: Lady Gaga performs nine songs to a small audience of friends and family, including “Born This Way“, “Marry the Night“, “You and I“, “Hair” and “The Edge of Glory“, “Bad Romance“, as well as covers of Irving Berlin classic “White Christmas” and Nat King Cole‘s “Orange Colored Sky“. She also sings “The Lady Is a Tramp” with Tony Bennett

She released four songs from the show on a CD titled, “A Very Gaga Holiday”.

No. Title Writer(s) Length  
1. White Christmas”   Irving Berlin 3:22
2. Orange Colored Sky”   Milton DeLuggWillie Stein 2:33
3. Yoü and I”   Lady Gaga 3:34
4. The Edge of Glory”   Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay, DJ White Shadow 4:52

Here is her performance of “The Edge of Glory”, a song written about her Grandfather near the end of his life. Check it out:

And Happy Thanksgiving.

CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning has been on the air since January 28, 1979. It’s an early morning, kinder, gentler 60 Minutes. And yet, it has incredibly entertaining and informative articles. They often have theme features for the holidays, finances, elections and more. And every episode they end with a video of nature from around the country.

They also create different sun images for each chapter. Using the basic sun image as the template. Check it out sometime on an easy Sunday morning, with a hot cup of coffee and breakfast. Educational, Enlightening, and easy.

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It occurred to me recently that we have become so accustomed to having cell phones that we are not truly appreciating them. Imagine 10 years ago if I told you there would be a device that would allow you to connect to the internet, make facetime phone calls, do your banking, schedule appointments, check stocks, the weather, pay for Starbucks, listen to music, watch movies, connect socially, get directions, play games, translate languages, and on and on. It’s amazing, right? We have access to one of the most incredible inventions. And it’s happening in our lifetime.

So, take a moment and enjoy this life changing device, for all the good things it does.

And then be sure to put the device down and spend some quality time with the ones you love.