There is this place that is paradise. And it sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Have you heard of it? It’s Hawaii. Having traveled to many various places, happy to report that Hawaii is incredible. Go and immerse yourself in the culture, the islands, the music, the food, the scents, the aloha. Hope to travel there for the rest of my life. It’s that good.

Here are the must dos:

1. Oahu: Watch the sunset while sipping a Mai Tai at the House Without a Key at he Halekulani. And view the former Miss Hawaii dance hula to a trio playing live music. Halekulani

2. Kauai: Order Pineapple Cocount Ice Cream at Lapperts. Lapperts

3. The Big Island: Buy a Plumeria Lei and wear it as much as you can. Lei Orders

4. Maui: Eat at Mama’s Fish House. Mama’s Fish House

That’s it. The rest is bonus.

Beautiful, paradise, and completely fantastic.


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