American Horror Story

Ok, who‘s up for a good scare. Normally, I am not. But somehow, this show pulled me in. From wikipedia: “The first season takes place in 2011 and is themed on infidelity. The story follows the Harmon family: Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton) and teenage daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga), who move from Boston to Los Angeles The family moves to a restored mansion, unaware that the house is haunted.” This show is crazy. Wild, provocative, and good storytelling

It received 17 Emmy Nominations this year. From Huffpost TV about the show, “created by Ryan Murphy, earned nods in all major miniseries categories, scoring nominations for Outstanding Miniseries; Lead Actress for Connie Britton; Supporting Actress for both Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy; Supporting Actor for Denis O’Hare, and recognition in the technical categories for Art Direction (for two separate episodes); Casting; Costumes; Editing; Hairstyling; Main Title Design; Makeup; Prosthetic Makeup; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing and Stunt Coordination.”

What ultimately drew me in was the story. The house remembers every event that happens, and the house always wins. Jessica Lange is spellbinding. She’s like a southern, Tennesee Williams tragic character.

For Season 2 they have changed the setting. While using many of the same actors from Season 1, the new location will be an Asylum and the actors will be portraying different characters.



One thought on “American Horror Story

  1. I was hooked after the first episode! Just finished watching the first season. Lots of surprises so unexpected. Looking forward to the next season too.

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