The Power of ONE Caring Adult – Josh Shipp




Josh Shipp is a former Foster Kid and has grown into an advocate for teens. His Talk below is impressive and leaves a lasting impression.

From Josh Shipp helps adults understand teens and teens understand themselves. He is a global youth empowerment expert and an acclaimed speaker. He has appeared on MTV, Lifetime, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, FOX, 20/20Good Morning America, and in the New York Times and other media. A former at-risk foster kid turned youth advocate, he is renowned for his documentary TV series that followed his groundbreaking work with teens. His organization, One Caring Adult, produces resources and training events for parents, educators, and caring adults.

Visit to learn more and for free resources.


Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool


Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool is an unexpected great film. Based on the novel of the same name by Peter Turner, it tells the story of real life film star Gloria Graham.

Jamie Bell stars as Peter Turner, and Annette Bening, giving one of the best performances of her career, stars as Gloria Graham.

Gloria Graham played Violet in the film, It’s a Wonderful Life. She also won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the film, The Bad and the Beautiful.

It’s a bittersweet story. But also romantic, fun, and stirring.

Both actors have been nominated for the BAFTA awards. However, they are surprisingly missing from the Oscar nominations. If anyone has insight as to why that happened, please let me know.

It’s a noteworthy film with incredible performances.





TEDTalk: The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage – Susan David



Susan David, a Harvard Medical School psychologist, studies emotional agility: the psychology of how we can use emotion to bring forward our best selves in all aspects of how we love, live, parent and lead.

Psychologist Susan David shares how the way we deal with our emotions shapes everything that matters: our actions, careers, relationships, health and happiness. In this deeply moving, humorous and potentially life-changing talk, she challenges a culture that prizes positivity over emotional truth and discusses the powerful strategies of emotional agility. A talk to share.

This is a powerful talk, one which we should all take time to listen.

Paddington 2


There is no good reason why Paddington 2 should be such an incredibly well made film. Apparently, someone high up at the studio decided that they would get A-List Talent, a stellar director, incredible costuming, props, and production team together to produce one of the best children’s films in years.

It currently sits at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. And for good reason, There is intrigue, heart, cleverness, strong performances, amazing score, etc.

It’s refreshing to discover a film that gets it all right. One that is there to tell a good story and entertain.

Think of it as an old-fashioned children’s book, come to wonderful, colorful life.


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack


Ok, so I posted about The Greatest Showman in June before the film came out. And while I enjoyed the film on the second viewing, it is really the music that has stayed with me.

The soundtrack is awesome and one can listen to from beginning to end. It currently sits at #1 on the iTunes Album chart, so clearly I am not the only one obsessed with the music.

Take a listen. Enjoy. It’s really good. In fact, “This is Me” was just nominated for Best Song at the Oscars.






Johannes Vermeer


Caught an article on CBS Sunday Morning with a feature on Johannes Vermeer. It was truly fascinating.

From wikipedia: Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of middle-class life. Born: October 31, 1632

Girl with a Pearl Earring is clearly his most famous work. Check out the feature below and a sample of some of his work.